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Magnetic Business Cards: Make Your Marketing Message Stick

What is it about magnets that draw people to leave them on fridges and file cabinets for years at a time? Many people like to have the contact information handy for common service providers without flipping through a bulky phone book. Magnets are the perfect solution for being seen in this situation. It’s a win-win […]

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business cards

50 Surefire Business Card Tips

Business cards are one of the most powerful and inexpensive marketing tools you can use. Here are 50 surefire tips to make the most out of your business cards: Your business card must communicate more than just your contact information. Make sure that your card includes a tag line that explains what you or your […]

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5 ways to use your Business Cards more effectively

As part of your business card distribution strategy, include ways you can hand out your cards on a regular basis. Here are some ideas: When Joe Girard, the world’s greatest salesman, was selling cars he would frequently go to Detroit Lions football games. Even though he could afford more expensive seats, he chose to sit […]

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Never Be Caught Cardless Again: Five Tips to Help You Remember Business Cards

Sorry, I Don’t Seem to Have a Business Card With Me… Those could be the `famous last words` of the forgetful entrepreneur. If you habitually find yourself without a business card, you’re habitually losing money – or at least the chance of making money. Your business card, more than any other marketing weapon in your […]

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Double Your Sales Potential With Double-sided Business Cards

Swapping business cards is one of the most basic and common forms of networking in the business  world. With something that is so common practice, people often hand out cards blindly while not really thinking about what the card does AFTER you hand it out. So, how do your clients feel about your business card? […]

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