Forms Design

No matter where you print, we can help you with a professionally designed form which properly reflects your brand. You get it as a PDF as well as in Word format, which you can print yourself or give to a printer of your choice.

What kind of forms are we talking about?
Any form a business might use, which is normally printed and bound into a book:

  • Invoice
  • Receipt
  • Quotation
  • Delivery
  • Statement
  • Appointment Sheets
  • Registration/Indemnity (for accommodation establishments)
  • Patient information

Why have a form designed to your requirements? I can get one at my local stationer.
Your company stationery is an integral part of your brand – a visual expression of the image you wish people to have of your enterprise. Clients and customers should not be presented with a piece of “shop-bought”  stationery  … they are paying good money for your services and the last thing you want to create is an impression that their perceptions of your enterprise’s image are of little concern to you. Or, that you are skimping on your image.

Isn’t it so much better having a form that’s designed to your specific requirements instead of some mass produced product? Identified with your own logo and contact details? It’s a great way to project a more professional image for your business.

From a practical point of view, it can save both time and frustration when a form has been designed to suit your requirements, with fields that give you the exact information you need – in the order that you need it. No need to write in a missing line of text, or cross out something that’s irrelevant (yech!)

Please contact me for more information or a quote.

What does it cost?
While the cost of each form might differ according to document size and complexity, the following basic rates give an idea of costs. A final quote and timing shcedule will be emailed to you when the project enquiry is received and evaluated:

  • Existing form which requires changes (moving fields, adding logo, contact details, or additional fields). Quoted per project, but use R100-150 per page as a guide.
    You will have to provide the existing form in either a PDF or a MS Office application such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Artwork such as a logo must be provided in either vector format or as a 300dpi JPG file.
    You could also select a form on the website and let me know what changes you would like made.
  • Completely new form to be designed.  Quoted per project based on complexity.
    Once the initial design stage is complete you will receive the unlocked PDF version for printing purposes, as well as a Word version.
    All the information must be provided: field headings, number of lines per field, sequence of fields.  Artwork such as a logo must be provided in either vector format or as a 300dpi JPG file.

I also design or convert existing PDF files to make the fields fillable, so they can be mailed to patients prior to their visit to the practice. They can fill in all the required information and mail it to back to you. Read more here.