Interactive PDF forms

Interactive pdf formsWhat are Interactive or Fillable PDF Forms?

It is a PDF form you can send your readers to fill out using a PC, tablet or mobile phone. They can save the form, print it or send the form back to you. Or, it can be a form you fill in on your PC and then send it to them, such as a quotation.

Try out these examples of interactive PDF forms here.

Why Use Electronic Fillable Forms?

  • Easy distribution. Getting them to clients or prospects is easy.  Forms can be downloaded from your website or emailed to the user.
  • They’re convenient. There’s no need for them to first visit your office. The user can fill out and submit a form using a web browser or save it to fill out off-line on their own time and return it by email.
  • These forms are easy  to use and corrections can be made.  You can even include helpful hints above fields to guide the recipient.
  • They are more efficient because they help cut down on time taken in your office or waiting room.
  • Flexibility. The same fillable PDF form can be used for both electronic and printed distribution.
  • Consistency. Because it is a PDF, you can be assured your form looks the same on any computer platform or printed format
  • They also allow you and your staff to review information and ask for additional details or documents which the customer must forward or bring along.
  • Because they are stored electronically, they are easy to file or access and save on physical storage space.
  • Files can easily  be shared with other staff or relevant parties, even if they are in separate locations.

What does it cost?

The cost of each form will differ according to document size and complexity, so if you are interested in having an interactive form designed or to have an existing PDF form adapted, it’s best to mail me what you have in mind so the project can be evaluated. A final quote and timing schedule will be emailed to you when the project enquiry is received and has been evaluated:

  • Existing form. You send me your form and we convert the fields and make them fillable. There are no changes required to the design or layout of the form. There are no calculations or scripts required to the fields. You will need to provide the form in either a PDF or a MS Office application such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Existing form which requires changes (moving fields, adding logo, contact details, or additional fields). You will have to provide the existing form in either a PDF or a MS Office application such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Artwork such as a logo must be provided in either vector format or as a 300dpi JPG file.
  • Completely new form to be designed. The design/preparation is a separate project/cost to converting  it to a fillable form. Quoted per project based on complexity.
    Once the initial design stage is complete you will receive the unlocked PDF version for printing purposes. For the conversion to a fillable type, base costs on the Existing Form as per above.
    All the information must be provided: field headings, number of lines per field, sequence of fields.  Artwork such as a logo must be provided in either vector format or as a 300dpi JPG file.

Try out these examples of interactive PDF forms here.

How does the process and payment work?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s best to start by sending me a sample of your existing form, or a good idea of what it is you’re after. I’ll respond with an evaluation and quote within 24 hours. If you’re unsure of your requirements or need some guidance, I don’t charge for that, so just get in touch and let’s chat.

Once you’ve given me the go-ahead based on my quote, I’ll get cracking and you’ll have your first draft within 48 hours (unless there’s missing information or questions we have to resolve before then). I obviously have to password-protect my files, so while you will be able to do a low resolution print in order to help with proofing, but the file cannot be edited in any way.

Once the final draft is approved I’ll require  payment. I’ll email a proforma invoice and payment can be made via a number of methods.

When your payment is received, I’ll send you the password for the final draft so you can give it  a test run, as well as a new unprotected PDF and a Word version. I’ll also email you an official invoice.

Can you be trusted to deliver?

One can give all kinds of assurances, but I think the simplest is for me say that after 26 years in a brick-and-mortar business in the same community, with my first clients still with me, I’d be foolish to tarnish my reputation at this stage. I own a printing business which interacts with clients all around South Africa, I’ve designed hundreds of forms for a huge variety of SMEs, and almost 2000 forms for medical practitioners and institutions (a special niche of mine).

Because I also write and publish fiction and marketing non-fiction, you can find me all over Google, so I’m easily traceable!

Try out these examples of interactive PDF forms here.