Branded Calendars

Getting branded calendars printed is a highly-effective marketing tool

Just about every business has considered whether it should have individualised calendars produced as gifts for their clients and prospects  – especially when they themselves start receiving them from suppliers.

Apart from the positive impact of being a year-end gift, a calendar is a fabulous and cost-effective year-round promotional tool. It’s a branded item which places your company name and its products and services in front of your customers and prospects day in and day out for 12 months.

How are some reasons why you should be considering calendars for your company – especially from September on.

  1. Calendars are meaningful marketing tools
    If done properly calendars are essentially a marketing campaign which your customers and prospects can enjoy on a personal basis.
  2. Calendars are cost-effective
    Don’t be put off by the initial investment. Instead, convert it to a cost per view. Consider how many people will look at your calendar and how many times per year that might take place. For example, 1000 customers might look at your calendar 200 times a year, which gives you 200,000 impressions. Divide your print cost by that and you’ll see a very different picture.
  3. They’re worth more than checking the date
    Just about everyone uses calendars to remind them of events, and mark them accordingly. Which in turn means your calendars will be displayed in a prominent position, increasing your brand exposure on a regular basis.
  4. Easy to distribute
    For maximum effect you should first distribute your calendars to a targeted audience. Go to the trouble of getting them hand-delivered, which apart from making a good impression also provides an opportunity for direct interaction and possible additional sales opportunities. After that you can place them in locations where potential customers will be exposed to them. If your budget permits, have 2 different sets of calendars produced: a full-sized wall version for your existing customers and a smaller one or a desktop version for prospects.
  5. Handing out a calendar provides a channel to distribute other marketing material
    Catalogues, business cards, brochures, and company profiles can all be given out with calendars.

Some tips for producing and distributing your calendars

Make it attractive
Don’t limit the design to display only your products and services. See how you can feature images and information which are relevant to your business yet visually attractive. You want your calendar to be noticed in an office.

Get in early
Let the others run late and get their calendars out only in November or December. Start planning them in July already and issue them in September or October to ensure yours are the first calendars to adorn your clients’ walls.

Make them last
Because they have to last a year, don’t skimp on materials. For full-size calendars opt to have them finished with proper rims. Desktop and smaller calendars (A5 size) should be printed on sturdy board. This is especially important if you are distributing calendars which will be displayed on fridges with magnetic strips. The last thing you want is for the edges to curl and fray. And, by the way, make sure they come with the magnetic strips already affixed to them.

Highlight your own events
If you have any special events planned for the following year – product launches, expansion, business anniversary, new services or products, special offers – have them highlighted on your calendar.

In summary
Calendars provide an excellent return on investment. If produced and distributed correctly they can, apart from the overall branding impact, lead to sales that you would otherwise not have made. Even if direct sales is not your prime objective with your calendars, the overall impact they make is well worth the investment.



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