a gazebo for marketing

The perception most have of the purpose of a branded gazebo or marquee tent is one where the advertiser fills it with staff and promotional material, a place where prospects are invited in to meet and mingle with sales staff. Or, a VIP tent where clients can relax and enjoy a meal and refreshments.

One might be inclined to think that only businesses which sponsor sporting events on a regular basis justify purchasing a branded gazebo or marquee tent as a promotional tool. Something like that would also require ample staff to set it up and man it for a day or even longer, which makes it impractical for most  smaller businesses.

But, smaller outfits can gain incredible mileage out of such a purchase without much additional effort on their part. This is how to approach the concept:

  • Let as many people/institutions/sports clubs in your trading area as possible know that your business has a gazebo available for their events.
  • All  the event organisers have to do is call and reserve the dates. You can decide whether you want to set it up on the day, or to let the organisers collect and set it up themselves.
  • The idea is that event organisers use it in any way that suits them. So, even though your business has no physical presence or direct promotional role on the day, it is the branded gazebo or marquee which communicates your participation in and support of the event.

Tgazebo used for promotionshe absence of any form of hard sell is an effective way of branding – as well as enhancing the perception of the company playing a supportive role in its community.  Taking a local stationer as an example, if he made available the gazebo for a school event he would generate considerable goodwill  among both the organisers – the school governing body – as well as parents who attend the event. Both are direct target prospects for his stationery business.

The cost is limited to the once-off purchase price, with perhaps some sewing repairs over time. Because you are providing a practical support structure it costs you nothing in media fees, and that makes it a pretty cost-effective marketing tool in my book.


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