Branding vs Corporate Identity

There is often confusion surrounding the terms BRANDING and CORPORATE IDENTITY – much of it caused by the banding about of terms by signage companies, designers and marketing consultants.  “We’ll develop your brand,” they say, when often what they are talking about is a logo design and how it will display on signboards, t-shirts, websites and other media.

In simple terms the difference is: Corporate Identity means the “look” of your company. It starts with your logo and how it is portrayed on all your company media: letterheads, signs, websites, email signatures, business cards, marketing material (PowerPoint presentations, data sheets, brochures etc), social media, packaging, the look of your store or offices.

Branding relates to how people feel about your company. Is it trusted, is it perceived as providing a quality product or service? It’s the way in which you would like your clients and prospects to view your business. While your corporate identity forms part of the image that is perceived by customers and prospects, it cannot fix a poor perception of a business – it can only be a contributing factor. So, branding your business encompasses all the visual elements AS WELL AS the overall, emotional perception of your brand. IT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOUR CUSTOMERS AND YOUR BUSINESS.


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