Print Errors

This is the scenario:

Some of your contact details have changed – a telephone or fax number, or perhaps a new email address. You need new business cards anyway, so you order a batch from your printers, giving them the new details.

They make the changes and send you a proof which you sign, granting them the go-ahead. You get the business cards and everything’s just great. Things remain great till a few months later, when you order letterheads. Only this time, you forget that the letterhead template which the printers have on file for you still contains the old contact details. You get the useless letterheads, and now you’re mad at them for not having corrected the details and they’re mad at you for blaming them.

Thing is, you’re the one in the wrong! You cannot expect your printer, who’s dealing with hundreds or thousands of different clients, to think for you. Some might, but then you’re lucky – and it’s best not to bank on luck!

The way things should have been done is:

  • You place your order, giving them the new details – in writing.
  • You tell them – preferably in writing – that they must update the rest of your corporate stationery at the same time. These could include compliment slips, letterheads, note pads, etc.
  • You get them to send you proofs of the changes.
  • You sign them, make copies and return them to the printer.

This way, if something does go wrong somewhere down the line, you’re more than justified to “kick some butt”!


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